The Otherness


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These landscapes of the old
Breed discomfort in many ways
Strange geniuses’ creation’s
Incompatible to our feeble minds

Disturbed by the tiny stones on the road (their shape is wrong)
And by the wrong colour of the flowers
Alarmed by the odd scent of the moths
And by the dysfunctional landscape architecture

Whose distorted dreams created them?
Whose distorted dreams created them?

I seek order, structured cosmos
But keep getting mocked by something alien

The darkness brings in the fears – night after night
Cycle eternal
Cycle unbreakable
Fear continues its march through the realms of hope
Herald the fall of everything we once held true!

Design of the otherness
Destined to crash
The constant state of confusion
Accumulating restlessness
One way road to madness invincible

Cycle eternal
Cycle unbreakable

Whose distorted minds dreamed of us?
Whose distorted minds created us?
Whose distorted dreams keep haunting us?
Whose distorted dreams will crumble us?


released April 7, 2018


all rights reserved



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